Teva - Basic Horoscope

This gives details about the planetary degree, their position, Lagna, Moon and Navamsa Charts, Bhava degree and Chalit Chart, Sudarshan Chakra, Vimsottari Dasa upto the sub period.

  • Avkarha Chakra
    • Basic Horoscope details.
      • Lagna
      • Lagna Lord
      • Rashi
      • Rashi Lord
    • Horoscope Nakshatra Details .
      • Sun Sign
      • Nakshatra
      • Nakshatra Lord
      • Charan/ Pad
    • Horoscope details for Match Making.
      • Gan
      • Yoni
      • Nadi
      • Varga
  • Malefics (Ghatak or the danger planets details with time tithi)- .
    • Lunar Month
    • Day
    • Nakshatra
    • Planets with signs
  • Planetary Degrees .
    • Degree on planets like Sun degree, Moon degree
    • Used for accurate future predictions
    • Calculate on the basis of date of birth
  • Tara Chakra
    • Janam Sampat,Vipat,Kshema,Pratyari,Sadhak,Vadha,Maitra,Ati-Maitra
    • Used for accurate future predictions
    • Important aspect of vedic astrology
  • Lagna Chart
    • Birth chart ( with ascendant)
    • The person's nature, his capacity to enjoy the pleasures of life, his struggles, pleasures and pain to be experienced in life are indicated by it.
    • It represents the physical body, head, including brain, general appearance and general attractiveness.
  • Navamsa
    • Predictions for marriage
    • Helpful in details analysis of native's married life.
    • Also helpful in detailed analysis of partnership.
  • Cusp Degrees,bhava Degrees,cusp Chart,bhava Chart .
    • Bhava Tara Chakra is a very important tool in predictive vedic astrology.
  • Shubh-pap Varga Table.
  • Vimsottari Dasa / MahaDasha
    • It is a tabular representation of planets.
    • Astrologer prefer this table for future prediction.

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